Set Your Own Bar, Do Not Compare

In career:
Set your own goal,
Then work for it,
Believe in your own capability,
Keep on enhancing and improving yourself.

Do not compare with others, especially in term of money, as it will never end. Just set your own bar.

In family life:
A spouse (be it a husband or a wife), GIVE and GIVE first, the word TAKE should come later. SERVE with love at home and in bed. Never never try to change one another, as it will create friction, just accept as he/she is. Change (to be better and suit one another) must come from within oneself.
When blessed with children, always try to spend as much time together. Not forgetting to visit your own parents while they are still around. Family's warmness is important.

Do our job with passion. Give to our family with love Whatever we do, do it wholeheartedly, that way we and our family life will be happy.

That is my two cents.

GTL, 220805