PAID vs UNPAID Scientific Journal.

Two thumbs up for those that are not not being pulled down into the vicious circle of the economist (money)!

In my view, it is very unreasonable to publish a research paper by paying money!! Note that some require paying over USD 1000 for a paper!

The irony is I have seen paid published paper with just an average or even poor quality. Yet good paper being rejected in good journal!!!

I see two problems: Apart from money paying problem, the other one is the attitude of the reviewers of the so-called good quality paper!

Some reviewers appear too arrogant and some even give very discouraging comments, as if they know everything and they are the only one clever!! It can be seen from the comment they made!! Example: Pressuremeter test is plotted in pressure vs volume and cannot in the form of pressure vs strain!!! What a stupid comment!!!

Being a reviewer of reputable journals myself, I always do not want to review the field that is not my expertise and try to be helpful in helping the author and avoid discouraging them!!!

Message to reviewers: Remember you are what you are today because you have been given opportunity (directly or not) by your predecessor!!! And your bright brain is not the results if your own work. It is mainly a blessing given by the Almighty!!! So please be helpful to other researchers and do not be arrogant!!!!

GTL, 210417